Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Mamasita keeps blowing me away

I put another 3 hours on the mamasita today. The 32 17 gearing seems to really fit the the local trail and the Cannondale Lefty is working out nice. I had to ditch the lefty in California as the high speed decents were rocking my world. With the rocky rooty terrain out here im going back to minimal travel.

I am enjoyin it so much that im thinking about getting a new wheel set. I have a salsa delgado up front and its pretty heavy with a tube. Im running a stans 355 with a WTB hub in the rear with no chain tensioner - just pure luck.

I am thinking maybe get a stans wheel built with a lefty hub up front and and Stans wheel for the rear with an ENO hub sp that i can actually use somthing other then 32 17.

I am getting really stoked about my trip to Switzerland next week. I have never been to Europe so It should be wicked sick.

I am bringing my Road Bike and as luck would have it Roadie Joe is my partner on this project so he is bringing his bike too. We are thinking about renting a car on the weekend and heading to the alps for some serious climbing if the weather cooperates. If that doesn't happen, we will probably just end up drinking.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Not Taking any Chances

Training has been good...Can't let a possible Swine flu pandemic slow me down.

I hit the road for about 3 hours today, spent some time exploring the area, found some nice roads. I feel pretty fresh. I think im going to prep for an early ride tomorrow on the single speed. Its funny, they say you need to train on the road, but the dirt is the only place around here i can get my heart rate up and keep it up.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Re-birth of the Mamasita

Two days ago, I busted out the niner sir nine single speed, I hadn't ridden it in a while and it felt really awakward after spending so much time on the Dos niner and the Mamasita. It was clearly two small for me.

So this morning i got up and rebuilt the Mamasita. It has been out of servie since i used all of the parts for the Dos niner.

I planned on using a funky Chain tensioner, but i noticed that 32 18 might be a perfect fit so i broke some links.The chain ended up being too short by a hair. I went into the tool box and wipped out a 17 tooth cog. Perfect Fit!

I took her out fer a spin today and everything held up pretty good. I originally had a rigid fork on her, but after getting beat up real good i figured it was time to throw on the lefty. The lefty wasnt a good choice for West coast single track, but i think its going to do real well back east with the real technical stuff.

I was planning on a 6 hour ride today but ended up cutting it short to 3 hours. It was a tall gear to push and the rigid fork just beat the crap out of me. I do love how on a rigid single speed navigating thourgh some of some of the Rockiest rootiest, gnarly, wet slimy terrain can be done much more efficiently then on bike with some travel but once things start moving fast thats when i start to miss the technology.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back on the Road

No...Not travlin again, but i got on the Road bike late this morning. I headed out to the blue hills reservation to find the hills in the area. I did a little exploring, then chased down another roadie. He was really friendly and ended up showing me around a bit, and we chatted about the local club scene and some of the rides.

In other news I got the single speed put back together...Im thinking about throwing down some long one geared miles on Saturday.

I dont know what it is about the single speed, but it keeps pulling be back for some pain. Im thinking about busting it out again for some enduros this year even though i just built up the plush dos niner.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Back to Leesburg

So After Zoning out in the Mail Truck for a good 8 hours I made it to Leesburg, VA for the Bakers Dozen. I rolled in to find Matt, Dan Rob, Sarah and dog Dakota suited up for a preride.

Man if it didnt feel awesome to see some familiar faces on knobby tires!

I setup camp and then Brian arrived with Mark B. from South Mountain Cycles. I headed out for a pre-ride with Mark which proved to be a very valuable experience since my rear wheel fell off midway, resulting in the 29er pole vault on to my ass. I think at that point Liz, Josh and Todd Wells Showed up.

After the ride, I picked up my race packet and ran into world famous blogger and Cheif editor/founder of XXC Mag who was setting up with with Bikeman Teammate Brad

We took a quick trip into town for dinner and we recieved a warm welcome at a local establishement that didnt seem to mind that we were in shorts, T-shirt, sweaty and had our race numbers written on the back of our legs despite the dress code sign on the door.

Anyway, I had no particular goals for this race other then seeing some friends and throwing down a lot of miles.....but I think deep down I really wanted to chase after Vegan Rob for as long as i could right from the start.

I started of deep in the pack with Matt, Dan, Brad and Mark close by...the gun went off and there was nasty crash immediately...I was able to avoid it but Matt wasn't so lucky.....I looked back with sympathy, since this wasn't actually war it was okay to leave a man behind. Matt understood.

So I went out and quickly got caught up in the XC BS pace before getting into my own groove, i pulled over and let Brad and a few others go around so i could settle in. About 2 hours in I got lapped By Rob. I thought this was a good opportunity to throw down and see if I could hang, but that only lasted for a quarter of a pedal stroke before he was gone.

The rest of the Race was pretty chill, I caught a lap or two with Matt and Dan, and took a few breaks.

After Seeing Dan and Matt chiling with beers around sunset I started to think about how I wanted to spend the rest of the night. I put on a long sleeve jersey and knee warmers and set my lights up. As i grabed something to eat Mark Rolled in to put on his lights. He asked for a scissor to cut his number plate off. I started to heckle him that this was where Craig Gordon took Chris Eatough during the light exchange, but he was pretty focused on the task at hand.

As i rolled out, I saw Jason and Brad sporting jeans and sweat shirts, sitting in chairs....they were done....Everyone i knew was chilling out. I thought about that for my night lap. I thought about the Sun shower sitting on the roof of the mail truck and that was it.

It was time to put the bike down and chill with some friends. They encouraged me to keep going....but i just saw there lips moving and the beer in there hand....

Good Times!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leesburg Weather - shapin up!

This is going to be a good One!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dialed in for a good time

Spent the last few days gathering some stuff for the Leesburg Bakers Dozen, 13 hours of Racing in VA!

Im so stoked to be going down, I like to think of this as my homecoming event. I really didn't think I was going to get the opportunity to move back from California so soon - and everything is clickin with the work schedule allowing me to head down.

Everyone is going to Be there! I am not too concerned about how well I will do - but I am really excited about throwing down some laps with some old friends.

I raced Leesburg, two years ago, the inaugural event and it was the first year I took endurance training seriously and the first and few podiums I ever earned.

I am not sure where my fitness is at the moment, its been an awkward winter traveling a lot. I didn't get in a lot of long rides, but i did get in some pretty good climbs in California so the plan is to wing it and see how things go.

Anyway, I got the Dos Niner Dialed in this week, I mounted up some Hutchinson Pythons on a brand new set of Bontrager Race light wheels, and put on a full Triple Crank and a front derailleur.

I took the new Rig down to Wompatuck to burn the wheels in a little bit. I wanted to make sure the tires aren't going to blow off the Rim. I have never used a bontrager tubeless set up before.

This should be good, its going to be an awesome start to the Season!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

My new office - Womatuck

The forecast was awesome today, so after making some breakfast, I threw the blackberry in my pocket and headed to the trail. It was time to make for some lost time for working and traveling to much. Im not going to tell you how long I was on the bike today, becuase iI know the Head writers at The Soiled Chamois, AcuraMatt inc and RSDMag.com are watching my every move and it would give them an unfair advantage down in Leesburg next weekend. However it was a long ride. I was able to stay on top of the work emails.

Things were actually going pretty good until my boss sent me a heads up that he was calling me and things started to begin to look like i needed my laptop...a small emergency was breaking out so I ended up cutting the ride short by an our - it was a bit of a relief, cause i was starting to get tired.

Anyway, it was a good day - and i got a lot of hours in this week before the weekend so I can chase my niece and nephew around while the look for colored eggs..


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Putting on the Big Ring

I haven't ridden with a front derailleur in about 2 years. In fact i haven't felt the need for a big ring in a long time but with the Leesburg bakers dozen coming up, i know im going to need it so on it goes.....

I swiped my old XT Crank off of my wife's bike but i didn't realize her XTR derailleur was not going to fit my seat tube....

none of the local shops had the derailleur i needed, so onto Bikeman.com I go.....

well I send the order in and tnen like 2 hours later i realize i need a whole lot more stuff...so i send out another order.....BTW, I was on the phone with bikeman.com HQ in the morning to get my team clothing shipped...so i basically put in three orders in a day...yeah im slow.

Anyway here is the new Steed....it has been treating me well. My ass is welcoming the one inch of travel after spending many miles on a hardtail.

Working from home and riding seem to be going together very well. I think i am going to get a lot of miles in during the next few weeks!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Time to Rock

So I just landed on the East Coast.

I moved into the new crib, Sat around in a lawn chair for a few days awaiting my house hold goods and bikes. I Spent a few days unpacking and getting rid of mountains of packing material.

Once that was done, it was time to get the bike rolling – I have a brand new Dos Niner that hasn’t been ridden due to my crazy work schedule – well pedro is working from home now so there is no excuse.

The local roads

I always preferred riding single track to the road – until I moved to California where it was a toss up since the roads were awesome. I haven’t found the roads very exciting yet out here so we will be staying on the trail until further notice.

The Trail

So I found the local trail and it Rocks! Wompatuck state park is infested with rocks that remind me of Rattling Creek and some good climbs that bring I put about 6 hours on this trail in two days and my body is pretty beat. It felt so natural cranking through the Rocky rooty terrain while my heart was racing – like I never left the East Coast.

There is another trail head even closer then wompatuck that I need to check out – Blue hills. From what I heard its not as technical as wompatuck but, it may have some more elevation gain.

Leesburg Bakers Dozen

I am totatlly psyched to be heading down to Leesburg, VA in less then two weeks for 13 hours of racing. I was hoping to take advantage of the California winter and train my ass off, roll into town and kick some ass. Unfortunately I have spent to entire winter back on the Road with work and unable to train. The main reason Im stoked to head down there is some many friends will be there so even if I just throw down some laps it will be worth the trip.

In the mean time, im doing the 3 week thirteen hour race training program which has me putting in a lot of hours this week. Im hoping I have a lot of base built up from the last 2 years of endurance racing and ill pop into some sort of fighting shape. The work from home schedule is really helping out. I was able to squeeze two hours of riding in early this morning prior to rain rolling in.

Later –