Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Time to Get the Niner Rolling again

The Sir nine hasnt been ridden since i built up the mamasita. I finally got her built back up and i miss riding the steel frame.

I decided to put the Reba on the Mamasita since it has more travel, and the lefty is now on the Niner. I think it fits the one speed better.


Matt said...


Thanks for your help on the project 321 adapter. BTW: You can probably get away with increasing the travel on the Lefty to 90mm. Here are the steps if you haven't opened the lefty.

1. Loosen the red rebound knob on the top of the fork.

1a. Remove the rebound knob with a 1.5mm allen.

2. Remove the 10mm bolt securing the lockout lever.

2a. Remove the lock out lever

3. Remove the top cap with a shimano bottom bracket tool.

4. Pull up on the wheel to access the the cartridge.

5. Remove on of the white 10mm spacers. Move the spacer stack and retaining clip up to the top.

6. Re-assemble in the reverse.

7. Remove all air from the fork and compress the fork to see if the tire hits the bottom of the 321 adapter. More than likely you will be fine.

8. Go out and enjoy 10mm more travel.


Pete said...

Thanks For the tips Matt, Ill give it a whirl!

huber said...

that's a lot of steps!

i like:
1. grab the bottle
2. pop the top
3. chugg-a-lugg!

fall is coming!

Matt said...


Just trying to be thorough.

Now I'm gonna grab the bottle. See you at Bear Creek??

rick is! said...

nice lookin rig