Saturday, August 25, 2007

Movin' on up.....

No, no, no....i know what your I raced today in Northern California, up in the wine country on my single speed. Well they don't have a sport single speed category so I had to race with the big dogs. I thought about racing my single speed in the regular sport category with the geared guys but I started thinking, in the enduros I can keep up with the best of them, and well I have actually spanked, on occasion, much faster Elite and Expert riders....So lets do it right???

Well I got hosed, the course was beautiful, with a lot of climbing. After getting bit in the ass at a race earlier this year by gearing too low, i decided to gear on the hight side. This proved to be a bit of a mistake. There was some serious climbing. After the First lap I contemplated quiting it hurt so bad. After a crash I lost one of my water bottles, and thought i was going to eventually run out.

I never rode the course and was racing with the fast dudes on a rigid so i decided to enter the single track last, which i have never done before. Turned out I could really rip on the down hills, I was able to pull out of last place and pass a few single speeders and one guy on gears. This was good enough for me. I was able to pull off at the start/finish area and refill a bottle, which was crucial.

Afterwards it was beer and burgers on the race promoter. Pretty freakin cool. A cooler full of beers and a 1/6 Keg of something that i was really into..Turns out the beer in the Keg was brewed in someones garage. I couldn't believe a home brew would taste that good. Good times, i am glad I got out of bed today.

So I came in like 8th out of 10 Single speeders and in the overall Expert Category i was mid pack (this included all of the Experts, Pro and SSers) I can live with that, next time we are going to be a bit more aggressive.

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