Sunday, April 22, 2007

Leesburg Baker's Dozen

I headed down to VA this weekend to try my first 13 hour Solo race. Hung, with Jamie, Ted and Dean, as well as a big crew from Bike Line and the Spot crew, I saw the Carters on the start line as well as topher and company I went back and forth with Jamie, topher and some other dude that hangs with topher for a few laps, got a little help with my wheel from Austin but I didn' get a chance to link up with Mike C.

A big thanks to Fat marc for hooking me up with a coke when I needed it, It totally turned my race around.

The race started at 11AM, about 5 PM i decided to check the results, turns out I was sitting in 5th place out of 30 somthing which was my goal. I totally planned on chillen and taking long breaks for the remainder of the night cause I was smoked. But around 6 PM or so, I caught some wicked second wind and hammered down a superfast lap, that put me into 2nd place. I couldnt just chill now, as darkness fell I tried to keep consistent lap times, I fell into 4th place. I think I was about 8 minutes out of 3rd, my body was wearing down. at 10 PM I was only a few minutes out of 3rd and again at 11PM with only one hour left in the race.

I never made the podium before in any race and I knew this was my chance, I headed out without making a pit, after 12 hours of riding I gave it everything I had. I passed mulitple riders on 2 and 3 person teams, halfway thorught the lap I passed what I think may have been the Solo Rider ahead of me and took third place...... His lights quickliy faded to the rear and I continued to peddle as fast as i was kinde of crazy,allmost midnight and i was actually racing not just trying to survive I ended the Lap at 11:50, Not really sure where I was, and not sure if the guy behind me was going to chase me I headed out for another lap as the post race party began....this was the lonely lap. I was the last one on the course but, when I rolled in to finish the lap and the race I clinched 3rd place, which is the best I have ever done in any race. Everyone was already showered shaved and kicken back eating pizza by the bonfire. I rolled up still in my gear and hit the that was kick ass!